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For over 15 years, I've immersed myself in the art of dance, initially exploring the realm of popping and progressively venturing into experimental dance and movement abstraction. 


My passion lies in crafting lines, playing with angles, allowing them to swing and fall like hands on a clock. I delight in isolating my body in unconventional ways, taking risks to embody diverse characters fueled by the myriad emotions coursing through me. I embrace the freedom of relinquishing control, relying on the intricate patterns and inherent elegance of my body. My journey involves performances, battles, film shoots, and recent years dedicated to teaching worldwide.


While my academic background lies in Chemistry, I seamlessly translate this knowledge into the language of dance. Drawing inspiration from the microcosmic world, nature, and the infinite possibilities of shape transformation, I infuse my dance with emotion and imagination. The grotesque and enigmatic aspects of movement captivate me, contributing to the unique tapestry of my artistic identity. In recent years, I've explored the joy of manipulating objects and fire into my performances, reminiscent of the wonder of a child.


My dance persona has been showcased in various video projects. A notable highlight being my victory at the Juste Debout Experimental in Holland, culminating in a world final appearance in Paris. I've also shared my knowledge through teaching at renowned cultural centers like KODarts, Hippodromes, and Rotondes. Over the past two years, my artistic exploration has extended to the realms of Butoh and physical theater clowning. Today, I find fulfillment in teaching, performing, and creating, never ceasing to learn and keeping my research and artistic expression vibrant and alive.






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